How to do CAD or PLM ERP Integration

You’ve got your CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM and ERP that you want to integrate (streamline the manufacturing process with CAD or PLM ERP Integration). Unfortunately…

The Problem

  • Most “finished” software is incomplete
    • Many alternatives say they will fully integrate, but they only have a thin software veneer, and then custom develop itcad erp integration
    • Massive open-ended cost—initially and each time it breaks
  • Many aren’t smart
    • Most is “Dumbware” – basic integration, and minimal automation
    • Sort of defeats the purpose (again, needs custom dev work for anything useful)
  • They are rigid
    • They often dictate a single process or methodology that doesn’t makes sense for your business
    • Shouldn’t the software serve the company, instead of the other way around?
  • Doesn’t finish the job
    • Some software only improves the engineering process, then dumps it into the ERP
    • It doesn’t help with manufacturing–like production sequencing, tooling, assigning vendors, costing or planning
  • Clueless overseas support
    • Support barely knows the software, let alone your business
  • “Incorrect” pricing
    • The price sounds… too good. Until you add in the open-ended custom development at $150/hr!
    • The constant paid custom updates (every time your base software changes)
    • It can creep up the price 30%. Ouch!

The BIG Question

So, how do you get commercial grade “finished” software, that is fully integrated and automated, supports multiple process methodologies, helps from engineering to manufacturing, with excellent industry-expert support, all at a price within reach?

Perhaps you should consider…


cad erp integration



  • Providing CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM/ERP Integrations since 2006
  • Customers on 5 continents
  • 4.6 stars on Capterra
  • 100,000+ BOMs processed annually

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“We’re getting things to the shop floor 70% faster and everyone is happy with that!”
Ron Dahlman
National Bulk Equipment

“CADTALK has been an irreplaceable tool in helping us handle a significant increase in the amount of bill of materials data we’ve been required to process over the last several years.”
Rob Ross P.E., Engineering Services Manager Cleaveland/Price Inc.

Best Solution

Five main reasons to consider CADTALK

  1. Completely off the shelf – no custom development required
  2. Market-leading Intelligent Integration and Automation
  3. Most Flexible
  4. Most Process-Focused
  5. Superior Support

Plus, it is the Price Performance Leader

Let’s consider each of these in detail:

1. Completely Off The Shelf

Standard, highly reliable integrations for the most popular CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM/ERP systems

  • Integrations synchronized with latest version. Doesn’t break when you upgradeintegration solidworks, autocad, automatica
  • Plugin based architecture. Single code base for each integration. Features and bug fixes incorporated into the same version
  • Version Adaptable Integrations. Detects and works with current version of CAD/CAM/PDM/ERP system (even older versions)
  • Software Update Methods. Download and run installer. Automatic updates. Keep current with latest versions and enhancements

2. Market-Leading Intelligent Integration & Automation

  • Bi-directional. Bi-directional field level mapping from one system to another
  • Automation. Complex logic and transformations–configure to work how you work. Simple to learn expression language and no programmer needed!
  • Events. Trigger automation based on events that happen during integration. Your BOM is saved and CAD data imported
  • Automatic Processing. Completely unattended with 24/7 Integration and automation

3. Most Flexible

  • Workflow
    • Runs inside CAD Interface. Use tool from within the software, eliminating context switching from one app to another
    • Runs as a standalone interface. Reads engineering software files directly, without having the software installed, reducing the need for additional users and extra licenses
    • Runs as a Service. Runs the integration from server as a background process for complete automation
  • Runtime User Experience
    • Advanced User Configuration. Personalize the look and feel of every component in the interface. Optimize your work environment to save time
    • Combined Routing and BOM Interface. See the complete BOM as it will be executed in manufacturing. Provides a more intuitive representation of the manufacturing process
    • Drag & Drop – Routings & BOMs. Easily move components and operations. Decrease the time required for BOM and routing changes
    • User-Defined Validation Rules. Personalize the validation logic to enforce company policies. Ensures data is entered correctly so mistakes don’t make it downstream

4. Most Process-Focused

  • Depth of Integration
    • Deep Data Support. Provides the deepest integration with ERP data. Automate more of the required areas of manufacturing
    • Support for: routings, vendor cross-references, manufacturing instructions, warehouses, drawings, other data that aids in the manufacturing process

5) Superior support for CAD or PLM ERP Integration

  • Includes common support. Including detailed documentation, Email, phone (normal & scheduled off-hours), web meeting, pre-support
  • More complete product. More automated, easier to scale

“The support is great. It also is a huge time saver
Sasha, Engineering Manager – Russ Bassett Corp.

  • Implementation
    • Industry Expert-Led. Led by industry experts that understand both engineering and manufacturing
    • Fixed Cost Implementation Models. Includes fixed cost implementation. Know what you are going to pay—no surprises
    • Time-Restricted Evaluation. Can include a “proof of value” program to test drive with your systems

Plus, Price Performance Leader for CAD or PLM ERP Integration

  • Lower Overall Cost. Higher list price, but MUCH less custom development cost, with quicker deployment–so it can be dramatically less expensive
  • Setup vs Development. Setup is integration and configuration versus custom development (which includes a project mgr and a developer). For alternatives, anything other than basic connections requires EXPENSIVE custom development. It is an underdeveloped product
  • No Forever Development. Custom integration is hard to keep up with. Often breaks every time the base software get updated ($$$). CADTALK works out of the box, even with different versions of the base software.

What’s Holding You Back?

  • Our process isn’t ready for a product like this—it is not consistent, and we need to spend time getting that fixed first.
    • It isn’t all or nothing. Improvements exists on a spectrum. Provides value on day 1 and continues to increase that value as you improve. Perfection is the enemy of great
    • What is going to drive the improvement in the process? Having a compelling future state is what drives change. Use CADTALK as the catalyst for that future state.
  • We don’t need something this powerful – we are simple and just need to do a “basic” integration
    • Why buy more than you think you need? The problem is that you may underestimate what you need. The risk to underbuy is very high and you don’t want to buy something twice.
    • Flexibility lowers risk

How Does the CAD or PLM ERP Integration Compare?

  • Completely off the shelf – no custom development required
  • Market-leading Intelligent Integration and Automation
  • Most Flexible
  • Most Process-Focused
  • Superior Support

Your OLD Life

You finally got the budget to get your CAD or PLM ERP integration. Yee haw!

You purchased a popular option—but the integration was so basic it needed custom work. Ok. After months of waiting, it finally works—at a cost 3x over the budget! By that time, your CAD software updated… and your integration broke. Back into custom fixing—delays and “Mo Money.”

And it never delivered. You thought it would also help with automation (nope). Or you could change the methodology (nope)… Dang, this was as dumb as a doorknob, Dumbware!

And then there is “support” – assuming you can get someone to respond to you. If they say, “I can’t fix that. Let me create a ticket” (who are these people?) one more time I’m going to explode!

Life sucks!


Your NEW Life

This time you got CADTALK

After setup and configuration to tie CAD or PLM ERP integration into your systems… everything worked—right out of the box (no long delays—no expensive custom development), Wow! And the integration was… superb (like a good meal)

One team liked to push their data from engineering, another pulled it from design—the flexibility is amazing… and without hiring a yoga instructor. Plus, it automated so much we saved a ton of work, it read our files directly.

Uh oh, our CAD just updated. Hey, this thing still works. Thanks to an easy upgrade link—one step ahead of obsolescence! We needed support… once. They were very responsive, and they even knew engineering and manufacturing. I wanted to recruit them!

The price was good—cry once, but never cry again (every time it breaks, or doesn’t work right, or you are “waiting” for development—like those other “L” products)

I just finished the project, on time, on budget… I can see the bonus check already

Life is GOOD!

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